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The Northeast District of The Wesleyan Church is currently comprised of just over 100 churches in Eastern and Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, VermontCentral and Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Greater New York City Metropolitan area. Northeast District churches offer services in French/Creole, English, Filipino and Spanish.

Vision Day is a one-day training event that provides an opportunity to discover what it means to be the Church in new and creative ways, hear from Fresh Expressions practitioners, learn how to renew existing congregations through fresh expressions of church, and discern what this could mean for your region, community, or neighborhood.

There is active discussion as well as opportunity to build networks and relationships among those in your area.
Location:  Evangelical School of Theology, 121 South College Street, Myerstown, PA 17067
Click HERE to register (ticket includes lunch)
To attend for free, when registering choose Wesleyan Affiliate ticket and use Promo Code: WESLEYAN

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